Every community has challenges that could use a fresh set of eyes,  a new perspective from young minds capable of creative problem-solving. EdHarmony matches teachers with people in the community interested in engaging students in these challenges.



EdHarmony makes it easy to find and connect with community-based partners that can provide authentic learning opportunities for your students.  Teachers are given three local matches, and the technology supports the  vetting and  collaboration process. There is no right or wrong way to use this platform, and based on your feedback, we'll adapt the technology to meet your needs. 

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The reality is that your business, organization, or faith community has a challenge – big or small – that could use new ideas + creative solutions. That's what EdHarmony does – connects you with teachers looking to engage young people in challenges facing your community. Your favorite school projects were likely real and hands-on. Today's students need work that is real and hands-on as well as relevant and impactful. EdHarmony makes it easy to support student learning while making your community a better place. 



What happens when we unleash students on challenges facing their community? Everyone wins. Whether you are a teacher looking to engage students in a small hack, or an organization with an emphasis on initiative-based education, EdHarmony can support your work. We've put together examples in communities across the US and hope you find inspiration from the incredible work being done by these trailblazers. 


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(A student entrepreneur in Montana, working with a community partner to find sustainable sources of wool for their EdCorp.)


Who are we?

EdHarmony is a creation of Real World Scholars, a passion-driven organization working to build connected ecosystems that support authentic learning.


We're only building EdHarmony if it changes the game for educators like you. Let us know what you think.