Real World Scholars is a nonprofit that innovates with a lean startup mindset. Started as a private operating foundation in 2014, RWS paved an entirely new space in K-12 with the creation of Education Corporations: student-run businesses that can operate from any subject, grossing $250k in revenue in 34 states.  Check out this article from Google to read more about our work at High Tech High with a chemistry class.


Our next initiative, set to launch in early 2019, is EdSpace: a private professional social network for education. Think Snapchat+Twitter+LinkedIn, EdSpace will provide an entirely new form of professional learning that shifts the mindset from compliance to empowerment. We're actively looking for feedback from district IT coordinators, so where possible please make an intro!



Construction of EdHarmony will begin early next year, to be ready for the 2019-2020 school year. We're currently in discussions with Pittsburg, Kansas City, San Diego, and Chattanooga for next years launch. If interested, our team will come to your city and share all the ideas on the table with our current pilot cities. Together, we hope to learn how to adapt this tech to meet the unique needs of cities engaging students in community-based learning.